Our Course Topics

We’ve developed a diverse set of learning options to meet the needs of all busy travel professionals. From hot topics to personalized development plans, we’ve got the expertise and the platform to ensure your growth.

Revenue Management

From setting realistic and achievable revenue targets to developing a strategy to manage cash flow, we’ve captured everything you need to know as a travel business owner to ensure your financial stability and opportunity for increased profit. Our specific modules include:

Managing Cash Flow
Banking & Financial Partnerships
Profitability Analysis
Calculating EBITA
Financing & Managing Investment

Marketing & Distribution

We’ll help you develop your brand as well as your marketing distribution plans, and ensure they’re profitable, scalable, and driving your business forward. From understanding the landscape to designing a brand that attracts your target audience, we have the pros to show you exactly how to approach it.

Marketing Planning & Budgeting
Travel Distribution Channels
OTA Alternatives
Direct vs. Intermediary Bookings
RFP and Group Booking Management
Branding & Creative

Leadership & Workforce Development

Every successful business relies heavily on the viability of its workforce. From recruiting to culture, policy enforcement and service standards, we’ll ensure you’ve got a strong platform on which to build your operation.

Transformational leadership training with an emphasis on mindfulness and increasing emotional intelligence
Implementing strategies to increase employee retention
Increasing productivity through training and mentorship
Defining and measuring KPI’s across multiple departments
Developing leaders and internal leadership programs
Understanding individual roles in the onboarding and dismissal
of staff-members

Operational Strategy

What are your operational goals? How do you want to engage with your customer, staff, and stakeholders? Developing a detailed strategy for your operations is one of the most important fundamentals we’ll cover.

Establishing Sustainable Practices
Managing Organizational Structures and Hierarchy
Managing ADA and Compliance Issues
Developing a Reporting Process
Partnerships & Alliances
Legal Counsel and Support

Course Modules

Our course modules cover 360 degrees of what every travel business owner needs to know about workforce development. Through a combination of coursework and exercises, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your approach and how to apply it to your unique situation.

Emotional Intelligence + Why It’s Important in the Workplace
Six Traits and Characteristics of How EI/EQ Has an Impact on Job Performance
5 Benefits and Advantages of Using EI/EQ in Business
How Do You Become More Emotionally Intelligent?
Octave Lessons to Increase our Emotional Intelligence