COVID-19 Recovery & Remediation Services

Upcoming Webinar: CARES Act Updates, Repayment Options, And More

Join Octave Hospitality Advisors on July 29th at 2pm EST for this informative session where we will provide details on numerous policy updates and shifts that have been announced by the SBA since our previous webinar.

We also will be discussing the Loan Forgiveness aspect of the PPP in greater detail, as this is an area of focus that must remain a priority for applicants throughout the upcoming months.

There will be time left in this webinar for a Q & A where we will discuss your questions and needs.

We will also share details on an upcoming peer-to-peer panel where we invite you to share your feedback, best practices, and ask questions in small groups of business owners just like you.

Financial Management

  • Supporting businesses with low cash reserves or unstable cash flows who are particularly vulnerable to this crisis
  • Developing a strategy to meet increased production needs of others who are experiencing unexpected excess from increased demand
  • Partnering with clients to re-evaluate their strategic investments and develop a cash management plan in support of their overall risk approach to anticipate potential hurdles and opportunities
  • Navigating through the cost reduction or reallocation of funding to the appropriate places

Value Chain Management

  • Working alongside key individuals to synchronize activities consisting of all the inputs and outputs that enable the organization to deliver value to customers
  • Structuring a business continuity plan that covers direction on decisions ranging from products to services, and widgets to technology
  • Expertly applying analysis, strategy and value stream adjustment to ensure continuity for customers

Strategic Opportunities

  • Providing guidance as it pertains to the creation of new products & services (as well as the transformation of current offerings to meet current needs)
  • Focusing on reducing the immediate organizational risk caused by the pandemic, while companies allocate a level of capacity for identifying unanticipated strategic strengths and opportunities

Leadership & Mindfulness

  • Developing a cohesive message to be shared amongst all levels of the business, from senior management to front-line staff members, to customers and prospects
  • Partnering to develop communication plans that incorporate aspects of organizational change management (OCM) best practices

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