About Octave

We’re here to provide the education, support, and mentorship needed to help sellers of travel grow their businesses and thrive in today’s travel marketplace.

For Sellers of Travel Seeking Real Growth.

From revenue management to growing and supporting your staff – we cover every dimension of owning and operating a business in the travel industry. We’ve got several ways we can work with you, depending on your needs.

Boutique Hospitality Pro Roundtable Series

This 12-month intensive course is designed to provide a network of support, mentorship, and education to sellers of travel who are seeking to optimize their operations, grow revenues, and build their brands.

Online Courses and Workshops

We’re developing a series of online coursework you can use at your own pace. With topics covering travel sales, marketing, staffing, and more you’re sure to grow all aspects of your operation.

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When not wearing our Octave hat, we actually run some pretty successful travel industry blogs and podcasts. We’re happy to be able to bring that to Octave to help anyone in the industry seeking to grow their travel business.

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Meet The Advisors

Octave Hospitality Advisors is a diverse group of professionals dedicated to helping you grow your business through a combination of personal professional development and strategic learning.

Jim Scott

Chief Leadership and Culture Expert

Jim has successfully started, bought, and sold numerous businesses throughout his professional career. His experiences in both start-up and integration environments have contributed to his almost supernatural ability to drive success and strong financial results in any climate.

Jim began his hospitality journey with a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management from Shepherd University, leading to a full-time position with Marriott right out of college.

In addition, Jim owned his own restaurant and bar for 12 years, where he was able to increase revenue over 400% within a few years and then was able to maintain that revenue stream and eventually sell it for a nice profit.

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Another unique tie that Jim and his fellow Octave leaders have to the hospitality industry is their extensive (and well documented) global travel, staying in Boutique Hotels, Air BnBs, and major hotel chains on a regular basis. They have so much travel experience that they began a travel website, blog and podcast called “Friends that Carry On” where thousands of listeners and followers share in their travel experiences and insights.

Jim still runs several businesses, including Relocation Strategies, which provides consulting, planning, budgeting and project management for corporate and industrial moves and renovations. In addition, Jim has two real estate firms that dabble in real estate investing.

Jim is also very involved in the community; he started a non-profit with his co-founder Alisha Maddox called WV Visionary Group. WVVG focuses on mentoring high school students called Habits of Heroes that focuses on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Teaching the soft skills that are not being taught in schools today. The impact on the kids that have gone through the program has been incredible.

Jim has also been very involved with his local Rotary Club, where he just finished a term as President. He is also a three-time Paul Harris Fellow with Rotary and is hosting an exchange student from Bolivia through The Rotary Exchange program.

Jim also serves on several boards in the community and State of West Virginia.

Brian Romine

Chief Financial Strategist

Brian is a dad, husband, CPA, business adviser, and is active in the community. His goal is to spend a bit more time traveling with his family while balancing that through the rewarding work he accomplishes with both business community and individuals.

A graduate of Shepherd University, Brian has held positions in large public accounting and consulting firms, regional and local accounting firms, management in the private golf and country club community and banking over a nearly 30-year period.

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Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to hold positions with Grant Thornton LLP, Yount Hyde and Barbour, One Valley Bank, and Cress Creek Golf and Country club as an accounting manager and business consultant.

As a Partner at PriceRomine PLLC, Brian has supported small to mid-size companies with advisory, tax, and accounting services since 2013.
In his personal time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends, running, golf, tennis. and has a strong desire to leave a meaningful impact on his sons and local community.

Brian has been to several countries throughout his travels and shares his adventures and travel advice on the Friends that Carry On Podcast. The FTCO podcast was established as an avenue for the friends to share their stories and expertise, while also welcoming guests to bring new views and anecdotes to the discussions. The friends of FTCO truly believe #lifedontsuck and encourage everyone to visit new destinations, explore new cultures, and meet new people.

As a founding member of Octave Hospitality Advisers, Brian serves as Chief Financial Strategist, focusing on reviewing key performance indicators and strategies to improve, tax and growth strategy, and acquisition planning.

Notable personal and career accomplishments include the JFK 50-miler he recently ran with his 18-year-old son in November 2019, and serving as a member of WVU Medicine East Board of Directors, and Chair of Compliance and Audit Committee.

Tony Price

Chief Operational Strategist

Tony is a consultant, dad, investor, hubby, and podcaster. He wears many hats and loves each and every one of them. He cherishes his friends, yearns for the next challenge, and aspires to travel the world.

He is a graduate of Shephard University, and since 2011 has served as a volunteer board member and Chair of the Shepherd University Foundation Inc.’s Finance Committee.

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When it comes to his work life, most of his early years were spent in large public accounting and consulting firms. He had the privilege of working for two of the largest firms in the world, and it was through those roles that he developed an extensive expertise in domestic and international taxation, corporate formations, and mergers & acquisitions.

These days he is focused on providing advisory, tax, and accounting services to small and mid-size companies through his companies PriceRomine PLLC and Vega Accounting. Tony co-founded PriceRomine PLLC in 2013, and Vega Accounting in 2019.

Being an avid traveler, he longed for a way to make travel a larger aspect of his day-to-day. This led to the creation of FOMO LLC, a travel media company that he co-founded with some of his dearest friends and travel buddies.

FOMO sponsors the Friends that Carry On Podcast, where the crew talks about their travel adventures, provides travel advice, and welcomes guests that bring new views and experiences to the discussions. The friends of FTCO truly believe #lifedontsuck and encourage everyone to visit new destinations, explore new cultures, and meet new people.

Additionally, FOMO owns Octave Hospitality Advisors, which provides strategic advisory services to the travel industry, where Tony serves as the Chief Operational Strategist.