2020 Hospitality Roundtable Series

This invitation-only intensive was created for sellers of travel seeking to get a handle on their operations from marketing to cash flow – with the help of small group learning led by hospitality experts.

The Challenge

As a travel business owner, you’re forced to wear many different hats. At the end of the day, your entire strategy relies on your ability to create and manage it. Do you have the right partners? Is your business structured for success? What are you missing from a sales and marketing standpoint? If these questions are keeping you up at night, you’re in the right place. This session will address:

Managing Cash Flow

Banking & Financial Partnerships

Profitability Analysis

Calculating EBITA

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Navigating the Marketing Distribution Landscape

Managing OTA Partnerships (Or Not)

Financing & Managing Investment 

The Approach

Upon approval, you’ll join a group of 7 other sellers of travel who are seeking the same solutions that you are. This group will be your support network and together we’ll find strategies that fit the group’s collective goals, and your individual ones. Utilizing small group learning allows for a more meaningful interaction and daily accountability from your network.

Groups Are Limited to 8 Travel Sellers

Owners Meet Throughout the Year in Cities Around the Country

Additional Materials, Exercises, and Engagements Online

Custom Platform to Record Progress, Store Assets, and Connect with Peers

Access to TIMA Resources for Help with Branding and Marketing

Applying for Participation

Because of the nature of the program, Octave can only accept a maximum of 8 participants into a group. Once your application is accepted, we’ll place you in a group based on your goals and location preferences.

What to Consider Before Applying

If you can confidently answer YES to most of these questions, you’re ready for the Octave Hospitality Pro Roundtable Series this year, and it’s time to apply.

  • Can I dedicate time to working ON my business vs. working IN my business?
  • Am I willing to make the necessary investments and changes to shift to a more profitable operation?
  • Do I have the connections and resources I need to make a real change – or do I need a fresh perspective from a new network?
  • Do I have a back-up plan if I can’t find a strategic path for growth this year?
  • Can I lead others through the necessary cultural, operational, and tactical changes needed to grow the business?

2020 Program Fees:

Tuition Deposit:
25% Due on Placement:
25% Due at 30 Days:
Balance Due at 90 Days:

Sign Up Today

Below you’ll find a simple application designed to gauge your fit for the program. Once we receive your completed application, we’ll contact you to review and discuss the best solution for you.

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